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MoEA Lyonpo's Visit

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Hon’able Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk, Ministry of Economic Affairs visited Yoezerling on 31st May 2014. In his 2 hours talk with students, His Excellency encouraged students to take their studies seriously and keep away from many looming TEMPTATIONS...


Awareness Program Conducted By BPC Officials

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An awareness program on lectrical safety was conducted on by the officials from BPC.
The presentation highlighted on various safety precautions related to electricity.


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Emphasizing on the importance of reporting and writing skills in this age of media, Yoezerling instituted Yoezerling Media Society (YMS) under the aegis of Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, BCMD.

The 7 members of YMS received yet another support from BCMD this time in the form of two-days ...


Setting an example to the Community

On Saturday, 17/05/ 14, Yoezerling School carried out her third stage of cleaning campaign as reflected in the annual School Calender. The clubs like Scouts, Health and Nature Club coordinated the cleaning campign. The designated areas for each club include the area from Yoezerling School gate to Taju junction to be cleaned by Scouts. While the other two clubs carried beyond the forest offfice area in olathang till Paro town. During the campaign, the coordinators of respective club led the cleaning. The activity was carried out mainly to keep the areas clean which would lead to enhancement of second pillar of GNH, conservation of...



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In line with our planned program to provide varied support services to our students, Yoezerling Higher Secondary School organized talk on “YOUTH IN CONFLICT WITH THE LAW” on 10th May 2014.



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Amidst the lush greenery of Satsam, the 37 members of Choe-chog club of Yoezerling observed Zhabdrung Kuchoe in a very different. Organized by Lop. Sangay, the members spent their day listening to and trying to understand the BARDO THOEDROEL presided by Lopen Tshampa.


Current Job Scenario- MOLHR Officials

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On 7th May,team from Ministry Of Labour and Human Resources visited Yoezerling HSS to update students on jobs available after completion of class XII. During one hour session, students were made aware on various programs that the Ministry organizes in order to prepare youth for the world of works.

Social Action on Dar-karpo

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Yeozerling Media Society (YMC) is a newly formed club in the school. This club focuses in spreading media literacy, educating different forms of media and social action. In order to fulfill its objectives, on...


Teachers’ Day Celebration- May 2nd, 2014

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Jangtruel Rimpoche’s Visit

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Jangtruel Rimpoche’s visit and talk to our school family on 1st of May, 2014 prompted us to ponder on the “Purpose of Life”. It was a very profound reminder to all of us especially in the culture of fast lane living associated with 21st Century life. His inspirational words pinched our hearts and help sow in us seeds of purity, honesty and love...


School Disaster Mock Drill

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The first mock drill for 2014 was conducted on 28th April, 2014 as part of Disaster Risk Reduction Activities for term 1. A week before the mock drill, the school Disaster Team Leaders conducted awareness program during the assembly/classes on different aspects...


School Annual Rimdro

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Annual School Rimdro was held on 26th April, 2014 in the school MPH.

The Rimdro was conducted by Lam of the Paro Dzongkhag. It was a very busy day for the family of Yoezerling...



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On April 1st 2014, Yoezerling HSS was fortunate to have Mr. Choieny Dorji, RDTC (Junior Instructor), Zhemgang, who demonstrated us various means and ways to use non-bio degradable waste. The programme went about an hour cheered by nature club coordinator and few club members.


Annual Return Show 2014

Saturday 29th March, 2014 was Return show which was presented by the New Comers (Class XI) in response to the welcome show by the senior students (Class XII) students.

The show was infused with talents and confidence of new students which was exhibited through their dances and songs. About one and half hours long show kept the audience captivated and swinging to their rhythmic beats and scintillating presentations.


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Saturday 15th of March, 2014 saw the Welcome Show performed by seniors’ students for new comers in the school MPH. The program started with the welcome speech by Deki Choden of...


Humboldt State University, California

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On 14th March, 2014, Yoezerling family had a visual tour of Humboldt State University, California. It was a visual treat for..


Yoezerling welcomes the new members with a Basketball match

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7th March – Yoezerling School was flown on the wings of Timber’s art as every member gathered to witness the welcome basketball match between eleventh and twelfth grade girls. The cheers from the audience rose amidst the music till the final whistle was blown leaving their senior members delighted with a difference of few points.  


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As a part of our social responsibility, the school organized a mass cleaning campaign on 1st March, 2014.


Annual Result, Class-XI 2013

The School Exam Committee has declared the result for the Annual Examination 2013. Earlier there was some technical error. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

For any enquiry regarding result, please contact Mr.Bikash(Assistant Principal) after 5 pm at 17580670

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