Requirements for newly admitted Students

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Admission for the Academic year 2015

Admission for the academic year 2015 is open w.e.f. 10th Feb, 2015 as follows:

  1. For admission into XI Arts and Commerce stream, Click Registration Form. For further details, please call 17690205 or 17580670
  2. For admission into Class XII, contact 17690205.
  3. For admission into CE classes, contact 17580670
For further information on the admission procedure, Click Here

Class XI-2014 Results

If you have any enquiries, please call:
1. Principal at 17690205 OR
2. Assistant Principal, Mr. Bikash at 17580670 OR
3. Ms. Joshna Rai at 17314277
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Admission Open For CE

Admission for CE is open for academic year 2015 into Arts and Commerce stream. For details, either visit school office or call Assistant Principal, Mr. Bikash at 17580670.

Overall Class XI Toppers-2014

  • Lok Nath
  • Pelden Zam
  • Shoba Gurung XI Arts A
Lok Nath1 Pelden Zam2 Shoba Gurung XI Arts A3
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Toppers of Class XI-2014 are:
1. Lok Nath from XI Arts B with 80.65%-1st
2. Pelden Zam from XI Arts A with 80.08%-2nd
3. Shobha Gurung from XI Arts A with 77.41%-3rd


Students of Yoezerling Higher Secondary School are requested to take note of the following:

2014 Class XI students

  1. All the necessary documents which are due for submission to the school to be followed up during the winter vacation so that it is ready for submission latest by the end of February, 2015.

    Earth quake mock drill on 18th september 2014

    • DSC00009
    • DSC00011
    • DSC00015
    • DSC00016
    • DSC00019
    • DSC00023
    • DSC00049
    DSC000091 DSC000112 DSC000153 DSC000164 DSC000195 DSC000236 DSC000497
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    Scholarship programes and procedure, DAHE, 16th September 2014

    • DSC00239
    • DSC00244
    • DSC00249
    DSC002391 DSC002442 DSC002493
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    “Reading makes a full man”: READING WEEK(2nd -8th Sept, 2014)

    • 20140903_142207
    • 20140903_142354
    • 20140903_163632
    • 20140903_163703
    • 20140910_144717
    • 20140910_152317
    20140903_1422071 20140903_1423542 20140903_1636323 20140903_1637034 20140910_1447175 20140910_1523176
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    This year, Yoezerling HSS celebrated reading week in a different format and setting.

    During that week’s time, interested students and teachers were requested to stay back at school after class hours and read books in the school library. ‘Read’ was the buzz word during that week. Students carried books during the breaks and lunch hour and even when they walked. They were even found forming groups and reading in free time...



    • IMG_1387
    • IMG_1390
    • IMG_1393
    • IMG_1394
    • IMG_1396
    • IMG_1401
    • IMG_1411
    • IMG_1417
    IMG_13871 IMG_13902 IMG_13933 IMG_13944 IMG_13965 IMG_14016 IMG_14117 IMG_14178
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    In what was a battle for dominance in the inter-School Dzongkhag Tournament conducted by Dzongkhag Education sector from 22nd -23rd August, 2014, Yoezerling Higher Secondary School dominated in the out-door games. The School could proudly lift...



    • DSC00192
    • DSC00204
    • DSC00212
    • DSC00215
    • DSC00219
    DSC001921 DSC002042 DSC002123 DSC002154 DSC002195
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    In our attempt to make the Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) and discussion more focused and purposeful, the School conceived a plan to conduct PTM into two phases: first phase for class XII and second phase for Class XI.


    Cultural Exchange program…

    • DSC00090
    • DSC00111
    • DSC00123
    • DSC00136
    • DSC00142
    • DSC00157
    • DSC00169
    DSC000901 DSC001112 DSC001233 DSC001364 DSC001425 DSC001576 DSC001697
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    As a part of annual exchange program, Yoezerling received around 50 students and staff from 4 schools of Northern and Central India including Vasant Valley School and Mayo Girls’ School on 9th August 2014.

    During the hour long program, students from India and Yoezerling showcased their own cultural dances and songs, keeping the crowds at all time excitement.

    The visitors were our guests of honour for our Inter-class futsal final.


    • Mobile Scouting
    • Badge Day
    • Badge Day
    Mobile Scouting1 Badge Day2 Badge Day3
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    Coinciding with the Scouts Day in the School, Yoezerling family received Mr. Karma Tenzin, Chief and Mr. Pema, Sr. Program Officer, Scouts Division, Department of Youth and Sports On 7TH August, 2014, to give us sensitization talk on Scouting program in Bhutan. In their 45 minutes talk to us, Mr. Karma and Mr. Pema highlighted on history of Scout movement in Bhutan, its aims and the activities carried out.


    Vice Captains Election

    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    • Election
    Election1 Election2 Election3 Election4 Election5 Election6 Election7 Election8
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    The election for vice captains was held on 26th July, 2014. Each and every student voted for their House Vice Captain and the one who scored the highest vote amongst everyone has been appointed as the School Vice Captain. Thinley Wangchuk of XI Arts A has been elected as School Boys Vice Captain and Chimi Lhamo of XI Com B as School Girls Vice Captain.. To view the result   Click Here

    Mid Term Result

    To view your result   Click Here

    A Moment To Cherish

    • Chorten Zangmo
    • Chorten Zangmo
    Chorten Zangmo1 Chorten Zangmo2
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    Chorten Zangmo of XII Arts A bagged the third position in discuss during the 11th National School Athletic Meet held from 9th – 13th July, 2014.

    Dhan Bdr Rai of XI Arts A too participated in the meet held in Thimphu on the date 9th - 13th July and stood 4th in Javelin.

    Congratulations To Both The Participants

    MoEA Lyonpo's Visit

    • DSC00288
    • DSC00299
    • DSC00328
    DSC002881 DSC002992 DSC003283
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    Hon’able Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk, Ministry of Economic Affairs visited Yoezerling on 31st May 2014. In his 2 hours talk with students, His Excellency encouraged students to take their studies seriously and keep away from many looming TEMPTATIONS...


    Awareness Program Conducted By BPC Officials

    • DSC00255
    • DSC00257
    • DSC00262
    • DSC00263
    • DSC00276
    DSC002551 DSC002572 DSC002623 DSC002634 DSC002765
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    An awareness program on lectrical safety was conducted on by the officials from BPC.
    The presentation highlighted on various safety precautions related to electricity.


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    Emphasizing on the importance of reporting and writing skills in this age of media, Yoezerling instituted Yoezerling Media Society (YMS) under the aegis of Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, BCMD.

    The 7 members of YMS received yet another support from BCMD this time in the form of two-days ...


    Setting an example to the Community

    On Saturday, 17/05/ 14, Yoezerling School carried out her third stage of cleaning campaign as reflected in the annual School Calender. The clubs like Scouts, Health and Nature Club coordinated the cleaning campign. The designated areas for each club include the area from Yoezerling School gate to Taju junction to be cleaned by Scouts. While the other two clubs carried beyond the forest offfice area in olathang till Paro town. During the campaign, the coordinators of respective club led the cleaning. The activity was carried out mainly to keep the areas clean which would lead to enhancement of second pillar of GNH, conservation of...



    • DSC_1508
    • DSC_1525
    • DSC_1537
    • DSC_1605
    • DSC_1606
    • DSC_1607
    • DSC_1612
    • DSC_1632
    • DSC_1640
    DSC_15081 DSC_15252 DSC_15373 DSC_16054 DSC_16065 DSC_16076 DSC_16127 DSC_16328 DSC_16409
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    Amidst the lush greenery of Satsam, the 37 members of Choe-chog club of Yoezerling observed Zhabdrung Kuchoe in a very different. Organized by Lop. Sangay, the members spent their day listening to and trying to understand the BARDO THOEDROEL presided by Lopen Tshampa.


    Current Job Scenario- MOLHR Officials

    • DSC00019
    • DSC00020
    • DSC00023
    • DSC00032
    • DSC00037
    • DSC00039
    • DSC00046
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    On 7th May,team from Ministry Of Labour and Human Resources visited Yoezerling HSS to update students on jobs available after completion of class XII. During one hour session, students were made aware on various programs that the Ministry organizes in order to prepare youth for the world of works.

    Social Action on Dar-karpo

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    Yeozerling Media Society (YMC) is a newly formed club in the school. This club focuses in spreading media literacy, educating different forms of media and social action. In order to fulfill its objectives, on...