Inter-Class Basketball Final

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13 girls’ teams and 14 boy’s teams participated in the knockout tournament that ended on 7th April. XII Com D girls defeated XII Com C with 3 points while in the boys round; XII Arts A lifted the winning trophy from XI Com A by 3 points.

Welcome Show-14/03/2015

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In what was the customary way of welcoming our new students to Yoezerling family, Class XII students staged a welcome show on 14th march, 2015.
Concoction of funky and rhythmic items with traditional boedra and rigsar were portrayed on the stage but the icing to the cake was Dzongkha MC Thinley Wangchuk (school boys’ captain) and Sonam Wangchuk of XII Arts B, who made the show full of fun and frolic with their funny and witty comments.


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In our constant endevaour to make learning more meaningful and beyond the four walls of classroom, Yoezerling grabbed the opportunity to attend a Colloquium on “CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT” organized by National Museum of Bhutan (NMB).
Six member delegates comprising of Class 12 Arts students led by Mrs. Sangay Dechen attended the colloquium at Kichu Resorts from 4th – 6th March 2015 which saw presentations by twenty scholars from across the world presenting on topics as varied as inquiry into the Horse egg, essence and importance of Tshang, dying culture of traditional pot making etc.
Yoezerling family would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Khenpo Phuntsho Tashi, Director of NMB for making our school a part of such an enriching colloquium. We look forward to similar enriching gathering in future!

Welcome Basketball Match-7/03/2015

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The Yoezerling Way-A boy and a girl representative for each class participated in the Welcome Basketball matchon 07/03/2015. The message "Yoezerling-a warm nest to reside" is conveyed amidst music and cheers.

Requirements for newly admitted Students

Please Click Here to view the requirements for newly admitted students.

Admission for the Academic year 2015

Admission for the academic year 2015 is open w.e.f. 10th Feb, 2015 as follows:

  1. For admission into XI Arts and Commerce stream, Click Registration Form. For further details, please call 17690205 or 17580670
  2. For admission into Class XII, contact 17690205.
  3. For admission into CE classes, contact 17580670
For further information on the admission procedure, Click Here

Class XI-2014 Results

If you have any enquiries, please call:
1. Principal at 17690205 OR
2. Assistant Principal, Mr. Bikash at 17580670 OR
3. Ms. Joshna Rai at 17314277
To view your result   Click Here

Admission Open For CE

Admission for CE is open for academic year 2015 into Arts and Commerce stream. For details, either visit school office or call Assistant Principal, Mr. Bikash at 17580670.

Overall Class XI Toppers-2014

  • Lok Nath
  • Pelden Zam
  • Shoba Gurung XI Arts A
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Toppers of Class XI-2014 are:
1. Lok Nath from XI Arts B with 80.65%-1st
2. Pelden Zam from XI Arts A with 80.08%-2nd
3. Shobha Gurung from XI Arts A with 77.41%-3rd


Students of Yoezerling Higher Secondary School are requested to take note of the following:

2014 Class XI students

  1. All the necessary documents which are due for submission to the school to be followed up during the winter vacation so that it is ready for submission latest by the end of February, 2015.